Restorative yoga, Reiki & Aromatherapy

This class combines powerful techniques that will restore body and mind. Restorative yoga starts with pranayama or breathing exercises, followed by a sequence of postures done on the floor, completely supported by bolsters, pillows and blankets. Restorative yoga slows down the mind, soothes the nervous system and promotes mindfulness. When Reiki and aromatherapy are added, body and mind will feel a sensation of peace and quiet that can last for days.

Beyond Sound – A Cacao & Fire Ceremony

Cacao – Fire – Sound – Reiki – Aromatherapy

Join Jorge Alonso Marquez and I for this incredible event we crated for you. Sit by the fire as you sip the cacao drink I prepare specially for this, then dive into the breath to open the heart and calm the mind as you get ready for the vibrations and sounds that Alonso creates with the crystal bowls, drums and more. As you relax into the sounds, I will come around and offer loving Reiki to help reorganize the energy body. We finish our night with delicious hugs and a sense of peace.

*All the elements provided/harnessed can be used for true introspection, regression, healing, or many other metaphysical activities depending on your level of knowledge and self application.*

Everyone welcomed!

We can’t wait to share this special class with you all.
Much love.❤️

Every Tuesday, 7:30 pm

$15 Donation

Liquid Yoga – Belly Dancing Yoga Mix

A delicious combination of belly dancing and yoga techniques to create a fun flow filled with confidence and laughter. Belly Dancing Yoga is meditation in motion, it helps women to love their bodies, their past and present, to accept their imperfect perfection. This class started inspired by women who felt the need to get together, to learn more about their bodies, muscles, range of movement, by women who love to dance and share their heart within a friendly and supportive environment. Transform your body and mind through Liquid Yoga.

Feel at hOMe in your body photo session

Our Feel at hOMe in your Body campaign was created to bring us all together in love and gratefulness for our body, the vessel that carries our light through this life. Our brave candidates will come to the photo session to face their fears and insecurities and to find out that beauty is so much more than a culturally imposed body type.

We gather these brave women and men for an informal yoga photo session with hope to inspire all of us to look at our bodies with love and gratitude.

*  All bodies are welcomed.
*  Pre registration required.

You are required to come dressed to show the body parts you do not feel good about. This photo session will challenge you and show you how beautiful you truly are.

New date and location coming soon!

Rock’n Roll Yoga Flow

Rock’n roll Yoga flow combines slow vinyasa with the sexy guitars of Aerosmith, Coldpay, Muse, Guns’n Roses, Arctic Monkeys and other great names. We will work on funky Sun Salutations, Dragon Flow and Revati Flow as we raise our energy through breath and movement. We finish with a delicious meditation and savasana.

Class is for all levels and bodies and you are encouraged to play the air guitar or sing along as we flow.