The City Goddess Project



The City Goddess Project is more than an idea, it’s a live being made out of millions of women worldwide, connected through their nurturing kindness and infinite power. We started over here, in South Florida, but we want to take over the world by collaborating with other associations worldwide.

The City Goddess Project shares knowledge and love through fun classes and workshops. For now, we offer Master Classes, Workshops Series and Lunch Hour classes that empower women, recreating their idea of a perfect body, enhancing their natural compassionate mind and working on self love. The classes always focuses on strengths, individual gifts and friendship. Belly Dancing Yoga, Healthy Eating, Techniques against Stress, Restorative Yoga, Yoga and Family Yoga are just some of our offerings. There’s so much knowledge to be shared and so many beautiful possibilities of creating a better world just by intensifying our natural abilities!

The City Goddess Project has a big path to follow and it is welcoming women of all ages, bodies, colors and cultures.


The place has been created and it is safe, fun and friendly. The time is now to create a positive change.

Welcome to The City Goddess Project.

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