The City Goddess Project – Classes and events


LIQUID YOGA – Belly Dancing Yoga Master Class

by Paty

This is a delicious combination of belly dancing and yoga techniques to create a fun flow filled with confidence and laughter. Belly Dancing Yoga is meditation in motion, it helps women to love their bodies, their past and present, to accept their imperfect perfection. This class started inspired by women who felt the need to get together, to learn more about their bodies, muscles, range of movement, by women who love to dance and share their heart within a friendly and supportive environment. Transform your body and mind through Belly Dancing Yoga.

The Belly Dancing Yoga Series

by Paty

Taking the original class to a next level with a series of 4 master classes where we will learn more Belly Dancing Techniques, more Yoga Sequences, more meditation and empowerment exercises, more anti-stress techniques, more about the benefits of dance and yoga. Through dance, we discover ourselves and our infinite potential.

This is a self improvement course made active, fun and incredibly powerful.




Restorative Yoga Master Class & Reiki Experience 

by Catherine

An inviting sacred space for you to unwind, surrender and relax completely into a serene & blissful 2 hour restorative practice with reiki healing at the end. it will leave you renewed and refreshed with a sense of being & self-care.

Sink into the support of bolsters, blankets & blocks as you rest completely, allowing deep calming of the mind, softening of any muscle tension & soothing of the nervous system.

Come experience firsthand of the healing effects of restorative yoga and its ability to nourish & support people within their busy lives.

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