I am so very grateful for all classes taught and all students that trusted me to guide them. Here are some words on how they feel about our classes.


“After practicing Yoga with Paty for one month I felt mental clarity, peace, self acceptance and skills that allows me to release negative emotions immediately. She has a myriad of skills beyond yoga that are so powerful and life changing for her clients. Paty is heaven sent and I Thank God for her.”

Lea Barnard


“Your classes make me feel amazing. I haven’t taken many of your classes, but those that I have taken regularly spoke to your years of experience in teaching yoga. You’re welcoming, attentive, give excellent instructions, and provide an experience that is appropriate for all experience levels. Each class of yours that I’ve take has left me feeling at peace and rejuvenated. I really do feel that your communication with the class is impeccable. You give excellent cues and know how to explain your instructions that are easy to follow for everyone.”

Daniel Garcia

“Being new to Yoga I am so grateful that you were my first teacher. You bring warmth, acceptance and a true caring for our well being both physically and mentally. I like how you listen and teach us from what we are feeling  in both way by asking us. Other instructors have a set routine. Practicing and learning from your class feels very personal. And being able to laugh at myself as I fall over, get confused and not once thought about stopping is due to the comfort and ease of your class. I have grown stronger in both ways practicing with you.”

Ellen Gralicer


“I have been taking Paty Renda’s yoga classes for several years. She is kind. Patient. Thorough. Knowledgeable & truly enhances my yoga experience every time I practice with her. She teaches the important fundamentals & yogic philosophy that seems to be falling by the way side these days in our yoga community.  I highly recommend Paty Renda for all who seek truth & value in their yoga journey.”

Christine Perez-Gray



This is always a treat to unwind and find such a comfortable movement in these classes. My first Liquid Yoga – Belly Dancing Yoga class was at I Love Yoga in Dania Beach— it was tricky for me at first, but I had to let go of worrying about what everyone was doing. Eyes closed, Paty helps you feel your body’s awareness to move in ways that you are comfortable to. And plus, it’s a lot of fun! Happy adrenaline, smiling and laughter, lots of core-inspired body work that makes you wish you were an exotic belly dancer, once you settle into the rhythm. I love how this class makes me and others feel; we connect not just by the energy we emit, but also as we connect with sight, expanding the heart as we share what we experience from one another’s energies. To some it sounds physical, but altogether it is a fun and uniquely inspired practice that invites all to join in and thrive! 

I can’t forget that evening at Peace Heal Grow, a couple came in and through observation of a childlike delight, the wife asks if she could join in with the rest of us ladies—- that right there is what makes this experience awesome and attractive in the simplest ways! Always a blast, lots to feel and lots to shake around and just enjoy as you move boundlessly with inspired intention.”

Mardianita Berrouet


“Paty’s classes help me remember who I always was. I love the energy, connection, and empowerment we share by dancing together.”

Amy Nesemeier


“Paty, you are amazing!!! Not just for showing us how to belly dance but all that comes w this sensual, sexy dance 😍. In your class I get to rediscovered myself. Reconnect w my sexiness. Feel free of judgment n I can move n allow my body to flow. I feel empowered by your words and u promote union, love and care among us women” 🙏💗 😘

Melody Burdusi


The energy that is created in this class is so empowering, magical and fun …it made me feel free , playful and sexy! It is so beautifully guided that I felt so comfortable to let go and simply just be.”

Erika Bondy