“After practicing Yoga with Paty for one month I felt mental clarity, peace, self acceptance and skills that allows me to release negative emotions immediately. She has a myriad of skills beyond yoga that are so powerful and life changing for her clients. Paty is heaven sent and I Thank God for her.”

Lea Barnard

“Your classes make me feel amazing. I haven’t taken many of your classes, but those that I have taken regularly spoke to your years of experience in teaching yoga. You’re welcoming, attentive, give excellent instructions, and provide an experience that is appropriate for all experience levels. Each class of yours that I’ve take has left me feeling at peace and rejuvenated.”

Daniel Garcia
“Being new to Yoga I am so grateful that you were my first teacher. You bring warmth, acceptance and a true caring for our well being both physically and mentally. I like how you listen and teach us from what we are feeling  in both way by asking us. Other instructors have a set routine. Practicing and learning from your class feels very personal. And being able to laugh at myself as I fall over, get confused and not once thought about stopping is due to the comfort and ease of your class. I have grown stronger in both ways practicing with you.”

Ellen Gralicer