Warrior Woman

The path of a woman warrior. Let me tell you my story with all the ups and downs, the decisions I made and the ones I let others make for me. A story full of laughter and some pain, tears and joy and a fair share of broken hearts, some caused by me, some inflicted on me. This is not the story of a victim, nor a hero. Not the story of a princess waiting to be saved, even though I needed saving many times. This is the story of a warrior dressed in armor made of a woman’s body. An armor so strong it can bear unimaginable pain and transformation. An armor so beautiful that is often misunderstood by women and men. An armor that gets more beautiful as it grows old, shining silver and filled with stories of battles lost and battles won. An armor that would make any warrior proud. And through my battles and my dreams I’m becoming what I am supposed to be as I have chosen my destiny from the start. Through my battles and my dreams I’ve become a star. May the light that shines through me, through the scars in my heart, serve as a path for the warriors behind me as much as the light from the ones before me have helped along the way. And from the light and to the light we become one in the love we originally came from. The love we will always return to.