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Tuesdays and Thursdays 11 am @ Urban Namaste

I am beyond happy to announce new classes in Ft Lauderdale!

Come experience a delicious asana flow challenging and fun to all levels and bodies! In this class, you will not only learn yoga postures, breathing techniques and cool meditation tools for daily life. You will also learn how to handle stress, how to love yourself a bit more, how to flow easily through life!

Let’s build together a yoga class filled with amazing experiences!

Initial promo price: $12 per class/ cash only $15 for credit card


Aananda School of Yoga

Upcoming training starts Spring 2019

Yoga Connection Pembroke Pines

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays @ 10 am



Please refer to Workshops for more details

Reiki and Aromatherapy infused Restorative Yoga with Paty

Come enjoy this beautiful and relaxing practice at Bend & Breathe. We will soothe through a restorative practice of asanas done with the help of bolsters and blankets. We will relax through breathing exercises and aromatherapy. We will recharge through the healing touch of Reiki.

Liquid Yoga – Belly Dancing Yoga Mix

A delicious combination of belly dancing and yoga techniques to create a fun flow filled with confidence and laughter. Belly Dancing Yoga is meditation in motion, it helps women to love their bodies, their past and present, to accept their imperfect perfection. This class started inspired by women who felt the need to get together, to learn more about their bodies, muscles, range of movement, by women who love to dance and share their heart within a friendly and supportive environment. Transform your body and mind through Liquid Yoga.

Essential Oil Infused Chocolate Yoga

Paty & Catherine invite you to this special class!

Come experience a delicious partner yoga class as you tickle your senses with music, asana, essential oils and chocolate. We will connect to each other in the most profound way as we play with postures, breathing exercises and more.

All bodies, genders and ages welcomed.

Partners do not have to be a couple.