A true warrior never lives under the excuses or her past. Her self love is so strong it breaks the ties with anything that doesn’t serve her higher good. Through that path, she finds true freedom as no one but herself can control her destiny.


Yes! Do you want to impress me? Be a warrior, a god, goddess, an honest human, a mindful being, be kind and vulnerable, tell me your truth. Then watch me fall in love with you.

Love starts within. The love we create is the love we give and the love we give is the love we receive. Creating love within makes us stronger as we discover our full potential and understand we are love. What have you done to create love today? I often practice self love, I look at myself and find inside and out a few things I appreciate about myself. Have you tried it?



Open up your heart my love. Lift that chest. Look at your own beauty. It is there, for you are complete and perfect. Take on that smile, ride with the sounds, dance with the gods to honor the earth. Open your heart my love. In is the only way out. Love is all there is. You are made of it. Love.


I feel like I’m being allowed to grow in the midst of chaos. The more lost I think I am, the more I can see my path, the uglier I feel, the more beautiful I become, the less focused I get, the more I end up seeing. Such a strange and wonderful life!


The path of a woman warrior. Let me tell you my story with all the ups and downs, the decisions I made and the ones I let others make for me. A story full of laughter and some pain, tears and joy and a fair share of broken hearts, some caused by me, some inflicted on me. This is not the story of a victim, nor a hero. Not the story of a princess waiting to be saved, even though I needed saving many times. This is the story of a warrior dressed in armor made of a woman’s body. An armor so strong it can bear unimaginable pain and transformation. An armor so beautiful that is often misunderstood by women and men. An armor that gets more beautiful as it grows old, shining silver and filled with stories of battles lost and battles won. An armor that would make any warrior proud. And through my battles and my dreams I’m becoming what I am supposed to be as I have chosen my destiny from the start. Through my battles and my dreams I’ve become a star. May the light that shines through me, through the scars in my heart, serve as a path for the warriors behind me as much as the light from the ones before me have helped along the way. And from the light and to the light we become one in the love we originally came from. The love we will always return to.

13000269_10209420024642258_7824576308846506717_nTake a peek outside your safe place, look at all the adventures waiting for you, all the things to be seen, loved, lived. Take a peek outside your safe place, where all the risks are taken with an open heart and all the lessons are learned with no fear. Take a peek outside. Be what you’re meant to be. Live fully. Love unconditionally