Feel at hOMe in your body

Our Feel at hOME in your Body campaign was created to bring us all together in love and gratefulness for our body, the vessel that carries our light through this life. Our brave candidates came to the photo session to face their fears and insecurities and to find out that beauty is so much more than a culturally imposed body type. Through these brave women and men I hope to inspire all of us to look at our bodies with love and gratitude.

“Unapologetically me” – Jill Erin Cooperman 

Jill 2Jill 3

“Hi love,
I am Tecia Linville. 46 Loving Myself and this Amazing Journey called Life. Grateful for all the experiences and amazing souls i connected along my journey.”

Tecia 3Tecia 2

” It is in the fear we have the opportunity for freedom and light. Strength is not only held in our courage to fight through, but also in the courage to soar with a smile and Shine through. Letting go and smiling at oneself and soul with compassion.” – Sarah Seidle

Sarah 2Sarah 3





Special thanks to Corbin Stacy and Hot Yoga Home

Photos by Yanni De Melo