Freedom of being



As we look back, we can always find moments of manipulation in our relationships. Whether you saw you parents doing to each other, your best friend using all sorts of techniques to get what she wanted or, and especially, our dear media and religions with their very deep ways to make us feel less than. Manipulation is one of the greatest ways to control through the fear of not being good enough, of not being accepted and at some point we have all been a part of it, on both ends as manipulator and manipulated. It is only when we recognize the existence of this trait, that we can actively work on changing the way we see and act towards connection and love.

I see all around me how romantic love is often seen as a set of games of manipulation these days and it surprises me to know how much people enjoy the endless hunt and hunter games thinking that this is the way to love, to attract love and to be loved. It is in my heart that love is held by the pillars of devotion, dedication, truth and respect and that the games of the ego will really be detrimental to a true loving relationship. It is in my heart that love is a conscious daily choice to be with someone imperfect and constant changing. It is in my heart that love shall always make you feel free to be yourself, fully.

Love is devotion in action. It is seeing your partner as is and loving him with all your heart as you understand his humanity within the boundaries of your own self love. It is listening to him with attention, talking to him with respect, touching him with kindness, walking together as one.

Love is dedication to yourself. It is the understanding your partner is a mirror and that not all that is seen will be pretty but that you only transform through loving actions and thoughts. It is taking the time to share each other’s moments and build a safe home for both within your hearts. It is taking breaths together in this planet, taking time to self and the other, it is working on improving yourself as you assist him to grow as well.

Love is truth. It is knowing you can always speak and you will be respectfully heard. It is letting your heart do the talking, expressing yourself with no fear and no expectations. It is knowing you are safe and protected within the relationship not because it might last forever but because it is where your entire heart is in the present. The truth of each word, action and presence. The accountability for one’s mistakes. The true will to make the relationship better every single day because you know life is sweeter when you can share it with your love.

Love is respect. Respect for yourself that is shown by how you live, how you speak, how you act towards yourself, others and him. Respect for his heart, his feelings, his emotions even if they do not make sense to you. Respect for his family, his ideas and his wishes. It is treating one another just how you like to be treated, consciously aware of his heart and his time dedicated to you.

But most of all, love is free. It is there because it wants to and never because it has to and every single action and word should reflect that. The wish to be with, the caring and admiration, the support and protection of what is being built together. In that, love feels like fuel to who you already are. Love will always make you feel more and never less than. Love will always nudge you to be your best version of yourself. Love will always take you high into unknown powerful spaces within your heart. In the most simple, peaceful, non dramatic, non competitive, delicious ways, love will make you see the light you truly are.


I often hear people say with pride that they are a certain way and they’ve always been like that as if that was the only and best option for them. Even though I am not here to judge anyone,  comments like that make me wonder what would the world be if everything refused to change. Can you imagine if a seed refused to break up into pieces? If it said “This is who I am and who I have always been and I don’t need to change? Can you imagine if the egg and the sperm did the same? If they refused to come together, to connect and break into pieces in order to become an entirely different being? If they were scared of becoming one with one another? And what would have happened if humanity decided to settle? Would we have created tools, would we have traveled, would we have bettered our lives, came up with medicines and airplanes?

The entire realm of nature exists because change is a constant, everything is always transforming, renewing, adapting, growing. Nature shows us how to live from the heart, how to appreciate the present, how to understand and surrender to the beautiful flow of energy we are part of. Whether we accept it or not, nothing is ever the same, nothing stays the same, it is not supposed to.

As humans, as part of this planet, it is healthy to constantly look within, to find what no longer serves, to stop excusing behaviors over old beliefs. As beings of love and light, it is fundamental to let go of the excuses behind the phrase “This is how it has always been” because we can only learn when we are open to everything. We can only grow through the transmutation of what was into all the possibilities of what it can be. We can only feel free when we see our own power to create through change. We are always becoming something, might as well be something of our conscious creation.

Let change come in. Open your heart. Become who you were always meant to be. 



A conversation with love



I am love, I am here, present in your life, ready to create with you. I hear you are excited and also a bit scared. I see that you are not sure of what to do, that I am a strong force that has been misunderstood by many for thousands of years. I understand the need to make sense, control, possess. But trust me, none of that can tame the light of love.

There’s no possessing, holding onto nor owning pure love. This energy I am will flow through you and feed your soul. It is nothing like you’ve ever felt my love. And I am choosing to give it to you. I am choosing to be with you. In you. For you.

The movies will show you perfect stories. And they will show you horror stories too. The brain will want to take over, but there’s really nos such thing as love is here to be felt with all senses. So just feel it, allow it to take over, to feed you, to caress you, to hold you in the now. It doesn’t matter if we stay together, if we don’t. The feeling, the heart being opened, that’s all that matters.

You will feel it in your mind, soul, spirit and body. You will feel it because I am taking you to this place of pure love and freedom. This place of unconditional love where you can see the beauty of your own light.

I choose you. I have always chosen you. And I will always choose you.

And this place is different. It is amazing. No possession, no attachment, no expectation, no formats or titles, simply love. Pure love. Freedom in love. Rising in love.

I see tears in your eyes my love. It is ok to cry, you are releasing the last of your fears. I trust you are ready for it. I trust you are strong for the amazing ride and I am humbled that you let me guide you. We are going to your pure soul, back to your heart. And if you surrender to me, you will find the beauty that you really are.





This is the only way

I focus on love not because i am positive all the time. 20170809_162330 (1)

I focus on love not because i ignore what is unpleasant, what needs to change, what causes pain.

I focus on love not because i am in love, even though i can be absolutely in love with everything that surrounds me.

I focus on love not just because i believe life is perfect and every moment is a lesson learned and a thrill conquered.

I focus on love because i think that is the only way.

I focus on love because i think it changes the game.

I focus on love because i see it with my eyes, and it looks beautiful.

I focus on love because it makes us stronger.

I focus on love because love brings us closer.

I focus on love because in love there’s no fear, no prejudice, no violence.

I focus on love because love allows and love is free.

I focus on love because love is part of you and me.

I focus on love because that is the only tool that will help us change, inside and out.

I focus on love because when we love, we do not expect, we forgive, we grow.

I focus on love because we need to expand.

I focus on love because our entire universe is made of it, each particle, each breath.

I focus on love because of the power it has to transform.

I focus on love because i am, you are, we are


antika alanlar




Liquid Yoga at Yoga Expo 2018

Something really amazing happens when we let go, when we stop thinking so much, analyzing everything. Something amazing happens when we ground, stomping our feet, moving our body at will. Something amazing happens at the beat of the drum and the beat of each heart. Something truly wonderful happens when we move into the heart. Humans crave connection, they are playful and loving and in their natural state of being. Before they are taught gender, color, status, rules and regulations. Humans are a ball of golden energy ready to explode in laughter and love. At the beat of the drum we go back there. In each liquid move we find our way back to the heart. In each hip movement we shed years of conditioning and expectations.

Teaching Liquid Yoga classes is always a transformative experience. I learn from them as their beauty and light make me humble. I learn from them as their tears translate my struggles too. I learn from them as we hold hands to feel a huge surge of powerful energy that goes through each perfect body and it is propelled by each heartbeat. An incredible time, shared by all, guided by something beyond my own knowledge.

I am grateful, honored truly, to be a chosen guide for this revolution of souls that starts with my own.

Let’s set up more encounters, more groups, more time to share our hearts my loves.

I am ready. And so are you.





Dear sister



Late late night poetry…

Dear sister,

Please love yourself.
Love yourself enough that you won’t allow any games to be played with you.
Love yourself enough so you won’t fall for any fake promises nor fake fairy tale story.
Love yourself enough to know the man that will take the path with you and do not take any less than that.
Love yourself enough to not believe in the idea that age matter, that you can only be loved if you are young or if you look a certain way.
Love yourself enough to not fall for the marketing that makes you feel less so you buy more.
Love yourself enough to take on your life, to follow your dreams, to be your true self.
Love yourself enough to say no to all things that only take from you and love yourself enough to say yes to everything that makes your heart smile. Everything!
Dear sister, love yourself enough to dance and play and live your own way.
Love yourself enough to eat healthy and sleep more.
Love yourself enough to create your own life, free of cultural expectations and rules and regulations.
Love yourself enough to take time off. To put people off of your life and make space for new adventures and friends.
Love yourself enough to make constant improvement – body, mind and soul.
Love yourself enough my love, so much so that you can love all of your other sisters too.
Love yourself enough my dear so you can be free.



No, i am not always happy.

No, i am not always strong.

I am not always in love even though i am love.

No, i am not always positive even though i am always grateful.

No, i am not always secure and i am not always patient.

And sometimes i can be needy too.

But i am always understanding.

And i choose my reactions.

I choose to process my feelings in the healthiest way possible.

I choose to always, always be kind and loving.

Even when i do not feel it.

I understand i am having a human experience and that life is made of ups and downs. That is the exciting part, the learning process, the continuous challenge and growth. There is no fun on a flat rollercoaster, not a bit. The fun is on the learning, processing, getting frustrated, falling in love, rising in love, being afraid, being beyond brave, allowing it all. ALLOW. ALL NOW. Even the hurt, the shadow, the shit. We need the shadow to recognize the light. And it is all part of the same heart. And sometimes we just have to go within and clean up.

So i choose to show the shadow. To see it. To dance with it. I show to be open and vulnerable because that is when i learn the most.

I choose to keep an open heart because the heart needs to allow flow.

I choose to let the hurt out and create space for love to come in and for that i need to put my guard down, destroy any barriers and love it all, both shadow and light.

I am open.

I am vulnerable.

I am shadow.

And i am light.

But most of all, i am love.