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Hey there, I’m Paty!

I’m a Brazilian born journalist turned yoga teacher. A curious being that goes through life asking questions. I find teachers in children, the elderly, nature, friends, and even enemies. I’m a human made out of gratitude and love, just like everyone else.

I’ve been given the chance to facilitate a deeper connection in our yoga community through this column in Todays Yoga Magazine and will have the honor of answering questions posed by readers.

So let me start by opening the space to you, curious yogi, who wants to engage in healthy discussions about health, life, yoga, meditation and more. This is your place to ask, comment, teach and learn! This is our place to come together in creating an amazing community of friends who support each other unconditionally, under their common love for yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I offer my heart in welcoming you.

How can yoga help with everyday life?

Yoga has been used as a form of exercise for many years and as much as I am really happy to see so many people dedicating time to yoga, I wonder what would happen if they learned a bit more, if they went a bit deeper into the teachings that go beyond the body.

On the physical level, yoga can transform your body by working it from the inside out. Improving the glandular and lymphatic systems, bringing more oxygen into the organs and brain and restoring balance. Besides building muscles and burning fat on the mat, we can become a yoga practitioner in all areas of life off the mat. This, my friends, is when you really see the change.

The practice of gratitude is yoga. Being humble is yoga. Dedication to the community is yoga. Ahimsa (non-violence) is yoga. This is just the beginning.

The reality is that when we change our perspective from I to We; when we become kind to ourselves and others; when we create compassion in all of our actions, we change the way we see life and we change the way we navigate through life. Thus making it more peaceful. That is the beauty of yoga beyond the four corners of our mat.

Let’s talk. Connect. Open our hearts. Send me your questions and comments. Find me.

With love, Paty Renda

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