I often hear people say with pride that they are a certain way and they’ve always been like that as if that was the only and best option for them. Even though I am not here to judge anyone,  comments like that make me wonder what would the world be if everything refused to change. Can you imagine if a seed refused to break up into pieces? If it said “This is who I am and who I have always been and I don’t need to change? Can you imagine if the egg and the sperm did the same? If they refused to come together, to connect and break into pieces in order to become an entirely different being? If they were scared of becoming one with one another? And what would have happened if humanity decided to settle? Would we have created tools, would we have traveled, would we have bettered our lives, came up with medicines and airplanes?

The entire realm of nature exists because change is a constant, everything is always transforming, renewing, adapting, growing. Nature shows us how to live from the heart, how to appreciate the present, how to understand and surrender to the beautiful flow of energy we are part of. Whether we accept it or not, nothing is ever the same, nothing stays the same, it is not supposed to.

As humans, as part of this planet, it is healthy to constantly look within, to find what no longer serves, to stop excusing behaviors over old beliefs. As beings of love and light, it is fundamental to let go of the excuses behind the phrase “This is how it has always been” because we can only learn when we are open to everything. We can only grow through the transmutation of what was into all the possibilities of what it can be. We can only feel free when we see our own power to create through change. We are always becoming something, might as well be something of our conscious creation.

Let change come in. Open your heart. Become who you were always meant to be. 



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