Liquid Yoga at Yoga Expo 2018

Something really amazing happens when we let go, when we stop thinking so much, analyzing everything. Something amazing happens when we ground, stomping our feet, moving our body at will. Something amazing happens at the beat of the drum and the beat of each heart. Something truly wonderful happens when we move into the heart. Humans crave connection, they are playful and loving and in their natural state of being. Before they are taught gender, color, status, rules and regulations. Humans are a ball of golden energy ready to explode in laughter and love. At the beat of the drum we go back there. In each liquid move we find our way back to the heart. In each hip movement we shed years of conditioning and expectations.

Teaching Liquid Yoga classes is always a transformative experience. I learn from them as their beauty and light make me humble. I learn from them as their tears translate my struggles too. I learn from them as we hold hands to feel a huge surge of powerful energy that goes through each perfect body and it is propelled by each heartbeat. An incredible time, shared by all, guided by something beyond my own knowledge.

I am grateful, honored truly, to be a chosen guide for this revolution of souls that starts with my own.

Let’s set up more encounters, more groups, more time to share our hearts my loves.

I am ready. And so are you.





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