No, i am not always happy.

No, i am not always strong.

I am not always in love even though i am love.

No, i am not always positive even though i am always grateful.

No, i am not always secure and i am not always patient.

And sometimes i can be needy too.

But i am always understanding.

And i choose my reactions.

I choose to process my feelings in the healthiest way possible.

I choose to always, always be kind and loving.

Even when i do not feel it.

I understand i am having a human experience and that life is made of ups and downs. That is the exciting part, the learning process, the continuous challenge and growth. There is no fun on a flat rollercoaster, not a bit. The fun is on the learning, processing, getting frustrated, falling in love, rising in love, being afraid, being beyond brave, allowing it all. ALLOW. ALL NOW. Even the hurt, the shadow, the shit. We need the shadow to recognize the light. And it is all part of the same heart. And sometimes we just have to go within and clean up.

So i choose to show the shadow. To see it. To dance with it. I show to be open and vulnerable because that is when i learn the most.

I choose to keep an open heart because the heart needs to allow flow.

I choose to let the hurt out and create space for love to come in and for that i need to put my guard down, destroy any barriers and love it all, both shadow and light.

I am open.

I am vulnerable.

I am shadow.

And i am light.

But most of all, i am love.




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