You break me down, you build me up, believer, believer” – Imagine Dragons

In days like these where the pain takes over my entire body making a public display of my lack of self care combined with a life of responsibilities and the feeling that all that is done is never, ever enough, I remind myself of the lessons i often teach my students. And i giggle. “Easier said than done”, i say to myself. As a teacher, I have many many resources studied and understood in my head, many ways to care for my self, to lower stress and to stay positive. As a warrior of life, a mother of 2 who insists on following her path by teaching yoga and having a flexible and absolutely crazy schedule in order to be present in my kids’ lives, i often let go of myself due to lack of time or poor time management, or both. I am known for putting others first and always being available for those in need and i am also know for forgetting to ask for what i need. Funky combination, to say the least.

But when the body gives in and the adrenal glands scream at me, i remember that i have a human vessel and i need to rest. The pain makes me angry at first and it then teaches me to surrender, to let go and to allow myself to take time and renew. The pain reminds me of how fragile we really are and it makes me stronger at the same time because i know i can handle it, i know it is just a warning sign and really a blessing much like the annoying fire alarm that can save my life. The pain makes me humble, it tells me i am not super human, i am operating under the rules of the Earth.

Not every day is a happy social media day with perfect pictures and forever happy moments. Days like these show me that our life lessons are learned through contrast, through powerful and shitty moments, through seasons and phases. And just like the moon, we have brighter and darker periods and they are all equally important for the development of our soul. Times of light and times of pain should be equally appreciated as the teachers that they are.

Here are some of the lessons that pain has taught me:

To stop and evaluate

To stop and appreciate

To honor myself

To love myself even more

To be grateful for my strength

To listen to my body

To let go and relax

What has pain taught you so far?

Much love,



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