We have all we need


20170430_173210Our bodies were not made to work 60 hours a week

Nor to watch TV or sit for long

Our bodies were not made to eat ice cream, sugar and artificial chemicals

But we have become so disconnected, so distant from our true selves

That our bodies are now reacting violently as reminder

And then we see “dis ease”

When we should always be at ease

We don’t need to buy, to build, to hoard

We have to live

Our bodies were made to move

To play

Our bodies were made to be free

Free of chemicals

Free of pain

Our bodies were made to play

To carry us through this beautiful experience

To feel delicious and curious

What does it take for us to wake up?

The Earth is telling us enough

As for our bodies are hers too

When we care for ourselves, we care for all  that is around us

The only “dis ease” we carry is the impression that money, career and goods will make us better

That religion will take us to god, when god is within

We already are magnificent

As is

All of the issues spread from lack of self love

We eat, buy, go to war to hide that lack

But if we play

If we let go

If we go within

We will find out everything is already there

Then we can heal

Then our planet will heal

Look within my loves

The answer is there

And it is beautiful

With love,



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