Look within to create without



The very thing we wish for the most is also the one we fear the most. Our culturally learned fear of failure prevents us from fully enjoying the light that lives within us, the love that is nourished through lifetimes and often reflected on the mirrors we call partners or soulmates. And the more we doubt our own power, the more we believe we are not worth it, the more we dim the light of love that is our most pure form.

As we grow and meditate and learn and observe ourselves and our surroundings, we slowly learn the truth of what we are. We slowly start to become present in the breath and heart beat, tasting and listening to the beauty of our own heart and perfection of our own body. And the more present we are, the less we believe in what has been told us, the less we fear, the more we let go.

The expansion of each inhalation makes us mingle with source, forgetting the impositions of the ego and all feelings that come from it. The pause on the breath makes us float in that moment of bliss. The power of the exhalation feels like a warm hug that brings us back to the self without ever forgetting where we come from. The breath flow becomes a dance for the present moment, where life is always happening lively and free. We let go of what was, of what we think it was and of what we expect it should be.

In that moment, that one very moment, we expand the heart, we open for love. And in that moment, someone just like us, someone that has done the work, conquered the breath and let go of the fear, that someone will be right there, nose to nose with you, heart touching in the most beautiful way as you both breathe together. Your lights will merge as you hold each other. Your hearts will speak the soft language of love as you embrace the moment, free of expectations or fear or judgement. And that moment will last forever as it breaks down the construct of our timeline because light travels at a different speed and love, free love, has no limitations.

Let go of fear, love yourself unconditionally, search within and trust that you are the most beautiful light on this planet. Because you are. And then, allow that light to be reflected back at you through the eyes of your beloved.

Much love,





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