The choice

We always have a choice

And we also can find an excuse

And that defines our character

How many times have you found yourself wondering how did life come to this?

How many times did you feel powerless?

How many times have you put yourself in the passenger seat, victim mode?

What if you discover the power within?

What if you figure out YOU are the writer of your story?

What if you leave everything behind and start everything new?

No more victim

No more waiting

Taking action

Creating change

Letting go of what doesn’t belong to you

Hurt, abuse, guilt, anger… let it all go

Make space for something new

Space for love, laugh, play..

Space for things that worth to stay

What if i tell you there is no excuse

That the power is yours?

Will you run away? Or will you choose to stay?

Will you change your life, write your story?

Will you?







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