My Warrior


My warrior is kind and strong
He is spiritual and earthy
He lives for others
And takes care of himself
My warrior loves without attachments
He protects me as he sets me free
Because he knows who i am
And he loves me whole
He loves my talk
My path
My memories and my story
He loves my skin, my flabs and my smile
My warrior reads my eyes
Dances with my soul
Knows when to grab and when to let go
My warrior talks with his heart
And cares with his soul
We walk life together without leaving our individual paths
We connect our hearts through unconditional love and slow kissing
Long walks holding hands and playful moments of music
My warrior holds tight as he knows the power hidden in my heart
He knows
He values
He is mine and i am his
#poetry #warrior #love #soul #yoga #asana#yogateacher #powerful #kiss #music #connect#livinglife #lovinglife #inlove #tribe #trueself#bodylove #selflove #beautiful
Gorgeous pants by @tribeactive
Feeling at home @bendandbreathe

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