The only time is now



What are we thinking? How far are we going, following blindly, hating with no reason, just because someone told us to? Don’t you see this? We are being played like the racing dogs that speed up following a fake object. Don’t you see this? That as long as we are kept in hate, separated, arguing, we make it so much easier for those in power to control us. Don’t you see that religion is just another marketing tool? It will call you a sinner, it will make you feel less so it can sell you a path to heaven when heaven has been inside of you this entire time? It will separate you from all the others. Don’t you see that every time we are given a label (black, white, catholic, jew, brazilian, etc) we are put inside a box that limits us? Don’t you see this? All the news are negative, all the bodies on the magazines are fake, all the hate is fabricated? From self hate to hating others, this is the best business of all. As we hate, they pass laws. As we hate, they make money. As we hate, they keep on controlling us. When we hate, we are mere fight dogs hurting each other for the pleasure of our owner.

And how do we solve this? Don’t engage. Don’t hate. Don’t label yourself. Do the exact opposite of what you are expected to do. Are they sponsoring riots and violence? Show them love and compassion. Be better than those poor followers that come out shouting shit just because they have no clue. And stop separating, stop labeling, stop buying into this shit that we are all different because we are not. Do your research. Learn the truths of religion and politics, learn who is behind what is going on, learn about yourself and how you were conditioned to a limiting label.

Even the most studied and intelligent people I know fall for those labels and they are so proud of them! The best way to break this chain of events is to be the opposite, to start loving yourself enough to slowly undress and let go of all the labels, all the culturally imposed patterns, to go back to being a child who sees no colors, no genders, no religion, just heart. Listen to your heart and not to your fears. Listen to your heart and not to your priest, politician, news channel. Listen to your heart and you will see how much non sense has been fed to us all these years.

In times like this we raise the bar. We love more. We give more. We smile more. We love more. We connect more. We unite more.

The only time is now. Start today. Be love.

One human race. One planet. We are one.


Much love,



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