What makes a great yoga teacher?


I often get this question from students at our teacher training. It’s a very good question because it has so many variables within the same topic and I find myself discovering more nuances every time I am reminded of how important is the role of a yoga teacher or any teacher by that matter. Your first few yoga classes can determine the future of your practice, they can inspire you to find further knowledge and work harder on creating a better body/mind or they can frustrate you to the point you never come back to the mat. In all these years of teaching I heard many stories, lovely ones and horrible ones, stories of great experiences and big lessons, stories of connection and some of major disconnection between teacher and student.


So, what makes a good yoga teacher? For some it might be the one who is insightful, for others the teacher needs to be energetic and fun. Some people like the famous yoga teachers and others prefer the ones who look and act like them. The diversity in taste is as vast as we can imagine and as teachers we have to allow our true personality to shine in class in a mindful and loving way. There are many studies that show we all learn differently and as a teacher we have to understand each student’s body, personality and way of learning. By dedicating all of our attention to the students, we learn how to connect to each one of them creating the fundamental trust so they can open up to our teachings and offerings. Through acceptance and love they engage in a healthy yoga practice that will take them deep into the path of self love, knowledge of self and unity.


In my humble opinion, a good yoga teacher is not the one who has the most advanced class – it is actually very easy to teach those who have experience and confidence in their practice. A good yoga teacher is the one who can bring together all levels, bodies, looks and personalities and create an unforgettable experience to all of them. A good yoga teacher is the one that understands how scary it can be to take a first class or to try an arm balance for the first time and because of that she will kindly show how confident she is that the student can achieve new milestones. A good yoga teacher is the one who’s always doing her best to live her yoga, to be the greatest example to her own students even if that means showing her own weaknesses. She’s kind, loving, compassionate, friendly and humble. She makes people have fun when they fall and encourages them to try again. The one who enhances people’s lives through love and connection.


What do you think? In your opinion, what makes a great yoga teacher? Message me your answer and other questions. Let’s talk!


Much love,



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