Can yoga improve your sex life?

Originally written for Today’s Yoga Magazine


It is common to hear that yoga can fix from a headache to high blood pressure, from anxiety to just crankiness and more. For the people that have been practicing and studying all aspects of yoga, for those who have gone deep into understanding how beautiful such practice is, yoga is capable of helping with world peace. And if yoga can be such a powerful tool for body and mind, it is only obvious that it could help improve our sex life.

Sex is a big part of our lives and it is often misunderstood as something purely physical based on the need to reproduce and guarantee the survival of the human race. Although it can be just that, sex can also be a spectacular experience for your body, mind and soul where you find the light of all creation, including your own. So here’s how yoga can help on both cases:


  • Flexibility


This is an obvious one. The more loose and flexible your body is, the better it moves, the healthier it feels and the happier it is. And when your body feels amazing, sex feels amazing too.


  • Confidence and self love


A constant yoga practice creates a sense of acceptance of self, increasing self love and confidence. When you are on the mat, observing and appreciating your body, you find value for what is, for the body that you have right now, regardless of the changes you might want to make to it. You understand that only by loving yourself fully, you can then work on improvement. We all know that sex is not about the way your body looks. It is all about how confident you are, how comfortable you are with yourself and how much you love yourself. Easy math on this one, no?


  • Moola Bandha


Yoga requires you to use a whole lot of muscles, all the time. It is a complete workout that engages muscles, organs and gland, benefiting them all. And as we become more aware of our body and all the parts being used and benefited, we start applying moola bandha (root lock) to help us lift energy and create a strong and energetic body. As much as moola bandha gets mixed up with kegel exercises, it really requires some extra muscles on the pelvic floor and perineum area to be engaged in order to be done correctly. As we become more comfortable with the whole area, we improve our sensations by having more muscle control and awareness of our sexual organs, which helps to improve not only the orgasms but all the sensations preceding to it,


  • Awareness

All of the mindful practices, such as yoga and meditation, can be considered important tools on developing awareness. The knowledge of the self combined with gratitude and appreciation learned from such practices can definitely take your sexual life to a higher level. Compassion, gratitude and care can transform sex into an incredible spiritual practice where not only the body is being shared and touched, but where the soul feels at home too. The connection created through awareness during sex will feel as a transcendental experience of oneness and peace.


Agree? Disagree? Will try? What are your experiences? Let me know and keep on asking cool questions!


Much love,


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