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Aananda (in Sanskrit आनन्दः), mean bliss or the highest state of being. Aananda School of Yoga is a known institution that has been conducting Yoga Teacher Trainings in South Florida for the past 15 years, creating a loving yoga community of knowledgeable and responsible teachers those wish to create a change in the world.The Aananda Yoga program includes several styles of modern yoga as well as traditional teachings covering the most important aspects of yoga in the physical and spiritual aspect. Through the guidance of our director Surendran Pandaran and a team of exceptionally qualified teachers, Aananda teacher trainees receive the knowledge and encouragement needed to be able to reach their highest intentions through yoga, whether they take the training to deepen their practice or to become a yoga teacher. At the Aananda School of Yoga, we like to consider our teacher trainees part of our family and our support reaches beyond their certification course as we keep the connection with the new teachers through workshops, fun events and the never ending care towards their new career.


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Quickies from our Aananda School of Yoga Teacher Training

When I teach Posture Clinics, I get all sorts of really cool questions and yoga stories from our future teachers. I figured since we all go through those questions at some point, we can exchange answers and ideas. Here are mine:

What to do when you sub a class and the students are not friendly to you?

Nothing. Take a breath, teach your best class, be your usual super nice and maybe, at the end of class, talk about non attachment and flexibility of the mind. Those are great attributes of a good yogi.


What to do when a 7 month pregnant woman that has never done yoga wants to join the class?

It is in your right to either accommodate – and by that I mean teach two classes in one, while making sure the pregnant woman is safe and your other students are being taken care of – or to kindly say “This is not the best class for this time as your body is going through a lot of changes and the asanas would be completely different”. If you don’t feel secure, don’t do it.


What to do when your class is filled with people from every level, from the first timer to the super advanced?

These are my favorite kind of classes. It is super easy to teach an advanced class since the students will know what they are doing. The challenge of teaching a multi level class is on knowing each asana so well that you can create 5 different levels within the same pose and allow everyone to work at their level. Know your asana!


What to do when someone decides to take the spot right at the front only to do their own thing during the entire class, distracting everyone?

I had that happen once. I used warrior as a transition and moved everyone to face the back of the room, so the person ended up behind everyone else. No struggle, no fight, smooth.


What to do with the person that always goes to the most advanced level of a pose when he clearly can’t do it and it is all over the place with his alignment?

If the person can get hurt, I will go close to them and instruct them to realign within their level as I practice by their side. If the person does not want to listen, I get everyone out of the pose and bring them to child’s pose and I kindly remind them of ahimsa towards their own body. If they still don’t listen, I let them be and make sure to repeat the alignment and safety cues a thousand times, for my own safety.


What to do when a student farts in class?

Nothing. We all fart. We are not middle school students. Get over it. Continue class as usual. If people laugh, start walking through the class as you normally teach and draw the attention to you. We don’t want to make anyone feel bad for doing something that is natural and expected in yoga.


There are so many more of these! Keep them coming.


Much love,



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