The glorification of busy

After a short time taken to recharge in one of my favorite cities in the world, I came back to my daily activities of teaching yoga, running a social media business, being a single mom and organizing and selling a yoga retreat to Peru. The few days spent for myself, walking miles up and down the beautiful San Francisco hills in the company of friends I love have made my body, mind and soul feel different, renewed, revamped. I came back filled with new ideas, a happier heart and better energy to be used in my all aspects of my life. Such a big difference in just a few days!

I came to realize that in America we glorify busy, we think it is cool to work 80 hours a week and taking time off is frowned upon. Where I come from, if you tell somebody you haven’t taken a day off in years, you will be offered help as working too much is seen as a sign of difficulty and nothing to be proud of. There, family comes first, enjoying life is as important as taking your medicine and being happy is seen as fuel for life. In this country, work is above family, social life and self care. People have an easier time booking a trip for work than for fun, eating out with clients than with family and spending extra hours working than caring for one self. And then we wonder why so many Americans are suffering with all sorts of illnesses, from depression, anxiety, stress to diabetes and obesity.

Life is right here and right now! If we fail to take time to nurture our body and our soul, we are merely fulfilling the quota of our economical machine, only to spend extra money and time on treating diseases created by the same rat race we put ourselves in. Everything on this planet needs balance, days and nights, hot and cold, stress and rest, and we are no different. We need to learn to enjoy every day, to take time to eat and be with our loved ones, to make time to quiet the mind and care for the body. No machine works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!! And we shouldn’t either!

It is time to redirect our praise! Let’s create more balanced lives, find pride in taking time off, caring for one self and doing things we love. Let’s be proud of our days at the beach because we understand how important they are to keep us going. Let’s create time for meaningful meals that will nourish our bodies through healthy food. Let’s finally understand what we really need to survive: air, water, food, shelter and love/community.

According to the documentary Happy, by Roko Belic, we are in the middle of a happiness revolution. A time when most people feel unhappy and are searching for a more meaningful life. The glorification of busy is no longer considered a good thing around the globe and we are on a quest to identify what truly creates a peaceful and content life. Contrary to what this country believes, the documentary finds that the happiest people in the world are not the richest, nor the ones with more possessions, but the ones surrounded by loved ones and nature.

So now! Now it is the time to analyze life, to make changes and to build a new path. A path with less “things” and more smiles. A path with less rush and more relaxation. A path with less noise and more silence. A path that takes us back within where we can find EVERYTHING we need. A path where self love is not confused with selfishness. A path where love is the only way to grow. Sounds impossible? It isn’t. My few days out of town are proof that with very little we can recreate ourselves to become a better partner, professional and parent.

Invest in that!

Much love and thank you for letting me vent,




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