Fashion that looks good and does good


According to the Greenpeace,

One of the major sources of pollution is the fashion industry – with 68% of industrial facilities on the Upper Citarum producing textiles. The printing and dyeing processes are particularly chemical intensive, and have contributed to the Citarum developing a reputation as one of the dirtiest rivers on earth.”

Luckily, the  increased awareness about the pollution crisis on the planet has propelled new ideas of responsible methods to create clothing that not only looks good but does good. New textiles are being developed, some companies are choosing to use local factories to improve local economy and some are proud to create cooperatives that benefit minorities. Changes, big ones, are always possible once we put our minds to it.

In the yoga world, Elektrix Love is one of these companies. Founded by Katie Tomasetta, this fun, comfy and eco-friendly line of yoga apparel uses PET bottles in their fabric. Here’s my little chat with her:

2 copy 3.png


“Tell me a bit more about the company”


K: “I founded Elektrix Love in 2015 after years of working in the fashion industry. I’ve always dreamed of creating a line that would represent my edgy rocker style. I also love the textiles I was able to find that are not only eco-friendly but light weight and a perfect fit for workouts or a night on the town. From being immersed in the yoga/activewear market for the last 5 years I noticed that all of the brands available for us are pretty much the same, bohemian or basic. I wanted to create a line that was edgy, rebellious and punk rock. I mix rock & roll, punk and gothic themes into my prints. So there’s something for everyone. I love love my fabrics! They mold to your body and never stretch out! The Recycled PET has fast wicking so they are perfect for hot yoga or humid climates.”


“Let’s talk about sustainability and responsibility within the fashion industry”

K: “We believe it is our responsibility to help reduce plastic waste on this beautiful planet and to turn that waste into wearable fashion. We are committed to using ethical and locally based manufacturers in the Los Angeles area. Our fabrics are made from 79% recycled plastic bottles & 21% spandex. Our fabrication process is quite amazing. Thousands of water bottles are collected, sterilized and melted down into small pellets. These pellets are then melted down again into thread and woven into fabric. Our printing process is also eco conscious, we use sublimation printing which does not pollute our waterways as there is no water waste or harsh dyes involved. Once this process is complete the paper is recycled. 29 water bottles make 1 Voltage Pant!”



So for each pair of pants we buy, we are cleaning the planet from 29 water bottles! Is that the new trend for fashion?

K: “Eco friendly & reusable products are becoming the norm in the 21st century, especially with young consumers. Our mission is to not only be a sustainable, locally sourced company but to also provide women with a product that fits her body perfectly and is unique.

I always knew I would someday be a business owner and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The last two years have been an amazing adventure. Learning the ins and outs of the Los Angeles manufacturing industry and growing with Elektrix to keep my quality on point and my costs down. This industry is not for the weak at heart. It is tough especially in the first few years bufull_length_086_high_resolutionilding up the brand and getting the word out. I’ll be honest I have wanted to quit but I always just hightail it to yoga for a reboot! I find inspiration from everywhere. Whether from 70’s rock, New York Street Art, 90’s Goth Culture or a wild dream….I always meditate & marinate on my designs so I feel them in my soul.”


Final note from Paty

Taking responsibility for each choice we make every day, from the food we eat to the clothing we buy, can create the real change this world is in need. That change comes from knowing what you buy and supporting business who are in accordance to your standards. Our biggest power is in the way we shop. If we don’t buy, companies are compelled to change and improve.


For more information on Elektrix Love, go to their website:

If you wish to try and buy their clothing, please contact me as I am a distributor in Florida.



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