Belly Dancing, Yoga and Women

After a long year of many challenges, a major heartbreak, financial collapse and some very important lessons learned, I have to say that most of my safety and support came from some beautiful women I have in my life. Through those women and their tough love I have learned to be even stronger than I thought I could, I have learned to feel beautiful on days when I was so insecure and lonely, I have been shown my beauty when I felt insecure. Yes, we all have those days even though we might not show them on our social media or work place. We all have moments when we need that word, that hug, that confidence. And to find it in other women is fundamental to our growth as nourishing providers of live.

Throughout history, women have gathered to share information and knowledge on care, plant medicine and more. They have also gathered to dance, celebrate their femininity and empower each other, connecting generations through body movement and music. Somewhere along the way we were slowly thought to forget our own power, to compete with each other and to value men above it all. And at the moment we lost that link, that healthy relationship with one another, we gave power to other, we became pretty little things with no strength, no opinion and no value. Then we got upset at it and went all the way to the opposite direction, trying to find equality and ended up forgetting that our differences are actually good and complimentary. We forgot how delicious it is to be feminine, nurturing, giving and fun. And most of us started to see femininity as a weakness and not a strength.

Today, I got to witness once again the true meaning of women’s gatherings, the delightful feeling of empowerment that comes from laughs, friendship and music. Every time I teach the Belly Dancing Yoga Master Class I see the transformation that occurs when women come together through dance, meditation and yoga. We release all of the judgement and ideas of a perfect body and learn to love ours as is because only through love we can create change. We validate each other in body, mind and soul. We laugh together, we move together, we become stronger together. We learn that there’s no real competition and that if we work as one we can make unbelievable changes because we understand we are natural educators and healers. We have the power to create a kind world where women and men are respected and loved not despite their differences but because of them.

Changes happen when you work from your heart, when you live from your heart and when you show your heart to others. Dance is a great vessel for that. I am beyond grateful for my girls.




Namaste bitches my ass!


I see a lot of it, stamped on shirts, on people’s social media and more. I hear women calling each other bitch as if it was some sort of cute loving way to talk to your best friend. I cringe. Do we not get this? Do we not get our responsibility as women to always raise the bar, to always enhance each other, to always, always support? And yet we do this, we agree to play roles on music videos, TV shows and commercials that clearly makes us the bitch, the object, the pretty girl with no opinion. Then we go on complaining about the way we are treated by men, about rape, inequality and more. Do we not see we are contributing to this as we behave in such way, as we raise our sons to be strong and not cry and our daughters to be pretty? Do we really not see it???

The way women are treated is horrible, but let’s be honest for a moment, who raises the men? Who takes up those roles on media? Who calls another woman bitch?  I honestly think women can change this game by paying more attention to how they raise their children, how they behave within their marriages because that’s an example for their kids and how they allow such things to happen. If you watch TV you’ll see how defined the roles are and how much prejudice there is out there but guess who’s playing such roles, women. At the moment we refuse to act like that, to play such roles and to accommodate. At the moment we understand that being strong doesn’t mean being like a man,  then be proud of our femininity and proud of our differences. At the moment we embrace our bodies and other women’s bodies, at the moment we support breastfeeding, at the moment we stop obsessing about looking pretty and start working on being happy and healthy, at the moment we can be loyal to all women around us. At that moment we’ll become truly strong and capable of creating a powerful shift on the way we are treated. The secret is to continue to be women, to connect and support other women and to raise better sons. The ball really is on our court ladies.

And if you ever tell me Namaste Bitch, I will gladly kick your freaking ass!