Today, I only have about $10 in my bank account. Today, I had a moment of fear and shame for it. Today, I learned, once again, how my values hold strong even through difficult times. I have chosen this path, I brought myself here by taking actions along the way and exactly because of that, I am the only one who can find a way out. Today, I was taught another lesson.

Years ago, I chose to move to another country in search for better life quality (and I found it) when most people would settle for their college chosen careers. I cleaned houses, I worked at events, I happily did all kinds of work until I found yoga. Then I chose to slow down to care for my babies, to breastfeed them, to be the mother they deserve in their first years of life. I also chose to leave the safety of a marriage when that relationship didn’t reflect my moral values and once again I chose not to settle for something that wasn’t what I deserved. I chose to give my children the example of choice with no fear.

With two small children and a broken heart, I chose to stick to yoga and to all of its teachings. I chose kindness when I was being bullied. I chose forgiveness over bitterness. I chose balance over fighting for belongings. I also chose happiness. I chose to keep an open heart and take the risk. I chose to be playful in a world that doesn’t know how to have fun without added fuel. I chose to stay in my path and through my teachings I have improved others lives as much as I have improved my own. My students kept me from falling apart when the closest people decided to leave.

I chose not to be a victim of my situation because I am not. This is my life and I make the decisions, period. I chose to work hard and not give in to a substantial salary on a corporation that has no morals. I chose to live with a clean consciousness, to always do my best to increase love and kindness in the world we live. I chose to be the best I can be today and at the same time to be humble and simple.

And as I look at those $10 I laugh, I understand that the big money I am about to make is coming from a clean source, from years of making such choices, from learning on each step. As I look at where I am today, I bow my head to those who taught me the hardest lessons, as they made me stronger, wiser, kinder and wealthier. Today and everyday,  I choose once again to act from the heart because I understand that all of my actions contribute to something (either great or not). All of my actions will affect the entire world. Today, I choose love. Because love is what we are, where we come from and where we are returning to.

Com amor,






Flowing with life

It is so very often we find ourselves exhausted from trying and working and planning and rushing to get things done. It is so very often we find ourselves frustrated and disconnected, incapable of getting anything done. And the more we try, the less we accomplish. Life has such moments, like the ocean has rip currents, and if we stop and observe nature for a moment, we can always learn a lesson. When caught on a rip current, the only way to survive is to let go, to stop swimming and trying to control the outcome, allowing the current to take you to a better place, to calmer waters so you can swim to shore. If we learn to do this with life, if we learn to allow the storm to pass, letting go of the need of control, if we learn to dance with it, we will save our energy for when it’s time to take action.

I found myself at a moment like this a few months ago and I did try to swim through the rip current for a bit with no success, as we know. It was when I relaxed and trusted that the current was taking me to a better place that I understood how important it was to let go and in that letting go I have found purpose, love and a brand new path. Trust me, action is needed but letting go is important too. We learn from nature, we become aware of when to act and when to trust. And so far it has been a nice ride flowing with life.

Much love. Enjoy the flow.